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What is the Flawless Journey?

Customers around the globe are participating in the #MyFlawlessJourney movement to share how they are becoming more confident in their personal and professional lives by seeing the changes they wish to see in their skin. We encourage you to share your story  by emailing us a brief write-up about how and why you are seeing a change in your confidence, or what struggles you may be overcoming, and how Flawless Skin Couture has helped you along that journey.

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Send your flawless story to journey@flawlessskincouture.com

Real Customers

Johnabis ... delightful while at the same time doing a very good Job at exfoliating
Java Lather soap smells delightful while at the same time doing a very good Job at exfoliating. highly recommended! one of the best soaps I have ever used.

Amazon Customer ... Best soap ever!
Java Leather smells fantastic. I have noticed an improvement in my skin after using it and have received several compliments on my body scent lol. It is also doubles as a great bathroom air freshener lol.

Johnnyappleseed ... Smells so good I could eat it!
This is one of the most unique soaps on the market. The smell is absolutely amazing, and the finely ground Arabica coffee provides a not too harsh exfoliating action that really leaves the skin super smooth. It will not dry out your skin unlike another soaps. A great product that works for men and women alike. Honestly, you will not find a soap like this, it really stands out with the incredible smell and suds up really nice in the shower.

Mike ... I Miss This Soap When I Run Out
Flawless Skin Couture's Java Lather is bar none (sorry) the best soap I have ever used. It has a sweet, uplifting scent and a creamy feel. If I leave it on my face long enough (which I always do) it will turn into a mild acid peel type of burn (which I like). I'm not sure if this is because of the lactic acid in the goat's milk but I do this for exfoliation purposes. Also in the bar are milled coffee grounds which provide a physical dermabrasion type of effect. For a good chunk of my adult life I have been dealing with minor skin lesions on the upper inside part of my arms. My doctor used to prescribe for me topical antifungals which would do the trick but over time I got tired of applying them. I was just kind of putting up with them for years when to my surprise after starting to use Java Lather they went away completely! Unfortunately I've been out of this soap for a month and although the skin under the arms looks better than before ever using it it's seen better days. Thankfully I received a package today of Java Lather so I can start getting back to (my new) normal.

Patrick B. ... Great product
I've been using the Java leather soap for about a year now and love it. I enjoy the fact that the coffee beans help as an exfoliate and smells great! The best part would be the fact that the soap makes my entire washroom smell amazing all day. I Have and will continue to recommend this soap to others.